A few notes:

Deku Shield and Hylian Shield are listed in the dropdown menus but are still considered junk in the logic of this tracker and don't affect the logic of the seed. They can always be purchased from the start with enough rupee farm.

Tunics are included in the tracker's logic as long as you have the prerequisite Wallets and the ability to make the respective shops accessible.

As Adult Link, Dodongo's Cavern is technically finishable in its entirety with only the Bomb Bag (though most of the dungeon is accessible with Goron's Bracelet - only two chests require the Bomb Bag to access). Access to the final three chests requires a somewhat precise jump from the ledge in the room with the Blade Traps, or alternatively the Bow. The final two chests and King Dodongo's reward require the Bomb Bag or Megaton Hammer to access.

The Link the Goron location can be triggered by shooting the bomb flowers with the Bow.

Unlike many other guiding trackers I included the Lens of Truth in the logic for most of the locations in Bottom of the Well because the randomizer's logic requires it. It should be noted that all of the chests in the Well can be accessed with Song of Storms, Zelda's Lullaby, and the Bomb Bag only.


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Song Location Song Learned

ImpaImpa song location

MalonMalon song location

SariaSaria song location

TombTomb song location

OcarinaOcarina of Time song location

WindmillSong of Storms song location

ForestMinuet of Forest song location

CraterBolero of Fire song location

Ice CavernSerenade of Water song location

KakarikoNocturne of Shadow song location

ColossusRequiem of Spirit song location

TemplePrelude of Light song location

ScarecrowScarecrow song location

Kokiri/Lost Woods
Location Item


Mido 1Mido chest 1

Mido 2Mido chest 2

Mido 3Mido chest 3

Mido 4Mido chest 4

Kokiri SwordKokiri sword chest

SoS GrottoKokiri SoS Grotto

Scrub (Left)Lost Woods Scrub (Left)

Scrub GrottoLost Woods Grotto Scrub

Generic GrottoLost Woods Generic Grotto

Memory GameOcarina Memory Game

TargetLost Woods Slingshot Target

Skull KidSkull Kid

Skull MaskLost Woods Skull Mask Sale

Mask of TruthMask of Truth Reward

Meadow GrottoLost Woods Meadow Grotto

Kakariko Village
Location Item

Shield GraveShield Grave Chest

Grave with RedeadGrave with Redead

Dampe RaceDampe race 1

Dampe Race 2Dampe race 2

Dampe DigDampe dig game

Anju's CuccosAnju's Cuccos

Above AnjuHP Above Anju

Anju as AdultAnju as Adult

Windmill HPWindmill Heart Piece

Man on RoofMan on the Roof

Corner GrottoKakariko Corner Grotto

Royal Tomb TorchesRoyal Tomb Torches

Graveyard CrateGraveyard Crate

Center GrottoKakariko Center Grotto

Shooting GalleryAdult Shooting Gallery

10 Skulltulas10 Skulltula Reward

20 Skulltulas20 Skulltula Reward

30 Skulltulas30 Skulltula Reward

40 Skulltulas40 Skulltula Reward

50 Skulltulas50 Skulltula Reward

Hyrule Castle/Market
Location Item

Chu Bowling (bag)Bombchu Bowling (Bag Reward)

Chu Bowling (heart)Bombchu Bowling (Heart Reward)

RichardFinding Richard reward

Shooting GalleryChild Shooting Gallery

Treasure GameTreasure Game

Castle FairyHyrule Castle Fairy

10 Big Poes10 Poes Reward

Zelda LACSLight Arrow Cut Scene

Ganon's Castle FairyGanon's Castle Fairy

Hyrule Field and Lake Hylia
Location Item

Talon's CuccosTalon's Cuccos Game Reward

Lon Lon CratesLon Lon Ranch Crates

Scrub Near LakeScrub Near Lake in Grotto

Grotto NE of LakeGrotto NE of Lake

NW Grotto with WaterNW Grotto with Water

Boulder Near CastleSmall chest in Blade Trap room

Boulder SW of KokiriBoulder SW of Kokiri

Fishing Game (ch)Fishing Game (Child)

Fishing Game (ad)Fishing Game (Adult)

Diving in the LabDiving in the Lab

HP on LabHeart Piece on Lab

Sunken BottleLake Hylia Sunken Bottle

Shoot the SunLake Hylia - Shoot the Sun

River/Zora's Domain
Location Item

Diving MinigameZora's Domain Diving Game

Torch RunZora's Torch Run

Thawing ZoraThawing Zora Reward

Platform HP 1River Platform HP

Platform HP 2River Platform HP 2

Open GrottoRiver Open Grotto

Frog Fly CatchingFrog Fly Catching

Frogs in the RainFrogs in the Rain

Zora's Fountain FairyZora's Fountain Fairy

Death Mountain/Goron City
Location Item

Trail Bomb WallDeath Mountain Bombable Wall

HP Above Dodongo'sHeart Piece Above Dodongo's Cavern

SoS Rock CircleSong of Storms Rock Circle in front of Goron City

Goron City Maze 1Goron City Maze 1

Goron City Maze 2Goron City Maze 2

Goron City Left of MazeGoron City Maze Left Side

Link the GoronLink the Goron

Large Rolling GoronLarge Rolling Goron

DaruniaDarunia Dance

Spinning PotGoron City Spinning Pot

Crater Wall HPDM Crater Wall Heart Piece

Crater GrottoDM Crater Grotto

Crater Top HPDM Center Crater Top HP

Crater FairyCrater Fairy

Biggoron TradeBiggoron Trade Item Sequence

Summit FairyDM Summit Fairy

Gerudo Valley & Colossus
Location Item

Hammer RocksGerudo Rocks

Crate HPGerudo Crate HP

Waterfall HPWaterfall HP

Fortress RooftopFortress Rooftop

Archery 1000Horseback Archery 1000 Points

Archery 1500Horseback Archery 1500 Points

Wasteland StructureWasteland Structure

Colossus HPColossus HP

Colossus FairyColossus Fairy

Deku Tree
Location Item

LobbyDeku Tree Lobby

Falling PlatformDeku Tree Falling Platform

Vines Near FallingDeku Tree Vines Near Falling

Rising PlatformsDeku Tree Rising Platforms

Vines Near RisingDeku Tree Vines Near Rising

BasementDeku Tree Basement

Gohma HeartGohma Heart

Gohma RewardGohma Reward

Dodongo's Cavern
Location Item

LobbyDodongo's Cavern Lobby Chest

Near Big StairsChest near big stairs

Blade Trap SmallSmall chest in Blade Trap room

Blade Trap LargeLarge Chest in Blade Trap Room

End of BridgeEnd of the bridge

Above King DodongoAbove Dodongo Fight

King Dodongo HeartKing Dodongo Heart

King Dodongo RewardKing Dodongo Reward

Jabu Jabu's Belly
Location Item

BubblesBubble Room

Map ChestMap chest location

Compass ChestCompass chest location

Barinade HeartBarinade Heart

Barinade RewardBarinade Reward

Bottom of the Well
Location Item

Front Left HiddenBOTW - Front Left Hidden

Right Bottom HiddenBOTW - Right Bottom Hidden

Front Center BombableBOTW - Right Bottom Hidden

Center LargeBOTW - Center Large

Center SmallBOTW - Center Small

Back Left BombableBOTW - Back Left Bombable

BasementBOTW - Basement

Left UnderwaterBOTW - Left Underwater

CoffinBOTW - Coffin Room

Front UnderwaterBOTW - Front Underwater

Defeat Dead HandBOTW - Defeat Dead Hand

Dead Hand InvisibleBOTW - Dead Hand Invisible

Locked Area w/ PitsBOTW - Locked Area with Pits

Beyond Locked PitsBOTW - Beyond Locked Pits

Forest Temple
Location Item

First RoomForest Temple First Room

Stalfos Behind LobbyForest Temple Stalfos Behind Lobby

Inside WellForest Temple Inside Well

Between Outdoor RoomsForest Temple Between Outdoor Areas

Outdoor MoatForest Temple Moat

Push Block TargetForest Temple Push Block Target

Boss Key ChestForest Temple Boss Chest

Floormaster ChestForest Temple Floormaster Chest

Stalfos WavesForest Temple Stalfos Waves

Red Poe SisterForest Temple Red Poe

Blue Poe SisterForest Temple Blue Poe

Falling RoomForest Temple Falling Room

Rotating RoomForest Temple Rotating Room

Phantom Ganon HeartForest Temple Phanton Ganon Heart

Phantom Ganon RewardForest Temple Phanton Ganon Reward

Fire Temple
Location Item

Near Boss DoorFire Boss Door

Boss Key Area 1Fire Boss Key Area Chest 1

Boss Key Area 2Fire Boss Key Area Chest 2

North Lava RoomFire North Lava Room

South Lava RoomFire South Lava Room

In Boulder MazeFire Boulder Maze

Room in Boulder MazeFire Room in Boulder Maze

Above Boulder MazeFire Above Boulder Maze

Boulder Maze BombableBoulder Maze Bombable

Scarecrow's SongFire Scarecrow Song Chest

Fire Wall ChaseFire Wall Chase

Fire Maze SideFire Maze Side

Fire Maze CenterFire Maze Center

Hammer ChestFire Hammer Chest

Volvagia HeartVolvagia Heart

Volvagia RewardVolvagia Reward

Ice Cavern/Zora Fountain
Location Item

Bat RoomFrozen chest

FloorciclesBehind icicles on floor

Frozen HPFrozen Heart Piece

Ice WolfIce Wolf Chamber

Ice Block HPIce Block HP

Bottom of Lake HPBottom of Lake HP

Water Temple
Location Item

MapWater Temple Map

CompassWater Temple Compass

Early TorchesWater Temple Early Torches

Dragon HeadWater Temple Dragon Head

Central TargetWater Temple Central Target

Central PillarWater Temple Pillar

Cracked WallWater Temple Cracked Wall

Boss Key ChestWater Temple Boss Key Chest

LongshotWater Temple Longshot Chest

RiverWater Temple River

Morpha HeartMorpha Heart

Morpha RewardMorpha Reward

Shadow Temple
Location Item

Maze RightShadow Maze Right

Maze LeftShadow Maze Left

Right at BeamosRight at Beamos

Early Silver RupeesEarly Silver Rupees

Invisible Blades 1Invisible Blades 1

Invisible Blades 2Invisible Blades 2

Falling Spikes LowerFalling Spikes Lower

Falling Spikes Upper 1Falling Spikes Upper 1

Falling Spikes Upper 2Falling Spikes Upper 2

Invisible Spike RoomInvisible Spike Room

Huge Skull PotHuge Skull Pot

Wind Room Hint InvisibleWind Room Hint Invisible

After Wind 1After Wind 1

After Wind 2After Wind 2

Invisible FloormasterInvisible Floormaster

Boss Key Room 1Boss Key Room 1

Boss Key Room 2Boss Key Room 2

Bongo Bongo HeartBongo Bongo Heart

Bongo Bongo RewardBongo Bongo Reward

Spirit Temple
Location Item

Child SwitchChild Switch

Child TorchesChild Torches

Child Climb 1Child Climb 1

Child Climb 2Child Climb 2

Statue BaseStatue Base

Statue HandsStatue Hands

Lobby Upper RightLobby Upper Right

Adult Lullaby ChestAdult Lullaby Chest

Adult Silver RupeesAdult Silver Rupees

Adult Suns on Wall 1Adult Suns on Wall 1

Adult Suns on Wall 2Adult Suns on Wall 2

Sun Block Room TorchesSun Block Room Torches

Outside ChildOutside Child

Outside AdultOutside Adult

Sun on Wall (Mirror Shield)Sun on Wall (Mirror Shield)

Invisible Chest 1Invisible Chest 1

Invisible Chest 2Invisible Chest 2

Boss Key ChestBoss Key Chest

Topmost Sun on WallTopmost Sun on Wall

Twinrova HeartTwinrova Heart

Twinrova RewardTwinrova Reward

Gerudo Training Grounds
Location Item

Lobby 1Lobby 1

Lobby 2Lobby 2

StalfosGTG Stalfos


Hidden CeilingHidden Ceiling

Maze 1st ChestMaze 1st Chest

Maze 2nd ChestMaze 2nd Chest

Maze 3rd ChestMaze 3rd Chest

Maze Final ChestMaze Final Chest

Maze Ledge 1Maze Ledge 1

Maze Ledge 2Maze Ledge 2

Underwater RupeesUnderwater Rupees

Hammer Room SwitchHammer Room Switch

Hammer Room EnemiesHammer Room Enemies

Eye StatueEye Statue

Near ScarecrowNear Scarecrow

Near Heavy BlockNear Heavy Block

Heavy Block 1>Heavy Block 1

Heavy Block 2Heavy Block 2

Heavy Block 3Heavy Block 3

Heavy Block 4Heavy Block 4

Ganon's Castle
Location Item

Water 1Water Trial 1

Water 2Water Trial 2

ForestForest Trial

Shadow EarlyShadow Early

Gold Gauntlets ChestGold Gauntlets Chest

Spirit SwitchSpirit Switch

Spirit InvisibleSpirit Invisible

Light First Room 1Light First Room 1

Light First Room 2Light First Room 2

Light First Room 3Light First Room 3

Light First Room 4Light First Room 4

Light First Room 5Light First Room 5

Light First Room 6Light First Room 6

Light First Room 7Light First Room 7

Light Second RoomLight Second Room

Boss Key ChestBoss Key Chest